Bike and Build visits Elko

How would you like to ride your bicycle from one
end of the country to the other, stopping to help build Habitat
houses on the way, and finishing your ride with a big building
project? This is exactly what dozens and dozens of college students
did this summer!



Bike and Build at Elko First Presbyterian


The team that came through Elko in August 2007 was on its way to San Francisco, riding from New England. They traveled fifty to eighty miles every day, so stopping for an extra day to lend a hand at a build was like a little vacation for them!

The Bike and Build trips are evidence of a national trend for college students—taking vacation time and doing something of lasting significance. In talking with some of the riders, one gets a sense that there is hope for this next generation yet! They express a desire to make a difference, and they see Habitat as the perfect venue for their efforts. Riding across the country is quite an adventure—an experience that will change the way they interact with the world forever.


Bike and Build support vehicle

Text by Pastor Pat, image from McCanns.

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