Build Update: 8/9/2012

The Sandoval build is continuing along.

Currently we are working on putting the utilities put in.  The City of Elko recently did some work on B street adjacent to the property, so we are working with the city to get permission to cut the street to put in sewer access.  We are currently working on locating an individual or organization to help donate a backhoe to put in the sewer trench and also do some grading on the property so we can install security fencing.

Additionally, we are hoping to get power put in on the property so that we can start other build related work without the use of noisy generators that would disrupt neighboring homes.  We are expecting to have power put in within the next 4 weeks.

We continue to need the support of our community in the form of materials, money, and volunteer time.  If you’re interested and able to assist us, please let us know.

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